I recently colour graded a proof of concept film for BFilm Micro, a crazy outfit that are hoping to make 6-8 genre films in 10 years. Personally I think they are either brave or stupid, and I have a feeling these guys are not stupid.

BFilm micro are producers Pip Piper and Paul Green joined by writer Andy Conway. Their plan for making this mammoth task possible, is only making films that are achievable on budgets up to 150k.

It kinda reminds me of the Roger Corman model of film making, I remember reading Cormans Biography and thinking those guys made largely terrible films, but they had a certain charm, they had no pretension, they really didn't take themselves too seriously. They couldn't afford to, they were knocking them out in vast quantities, and ploughing the cash straight back in to make even more. But you have to admire the mindset that it must have needed to make a sci-fi extravaganza in 2 weeks with only 140,000 dollars.

Not to say BFilm micro is making crap, on the contrary, its tapping into that spirit of endeavour, with todays affordable ease of access to industry standard tools, and an investment in education and development of new talent, just as corman did with the likes of James Cameron, Martin Scorsese, and Jack Nicholson. However, I do believe that they will develop a decent slate of titles that will appeal to fans of the good ole genre movie.

Augmental was an interesting project, it takes an Anthology film approach, which has a single story about a bicycle courier joining up the separate stories. I think this is a clever idea, as its almost like shooting 5 connected short films instead of something that needs one huge impactful crescendo which even big budget films sometimes struggle to do, instead you get lots of little ones.

I quite enjoyed doing the colour grade, who doesn't want to colour a tech thriller. Opens up a palette that you rarely get to try. Futuristic, but more a kind of used future where everything ihas a worn feel. I got to tweak mid tonal detail in a more aggressive way than usual and pretty much dump most of the red channel. It was also nice to have the director Michael Baig Clifford and the DP David Cawley along for the ride, as more often than not its a pretty much solo job and comments and suggestions are done via email after a compressed version has been uploaded to vimeo for approval.

This was refreshing.

Augmental coming soon, check out BFilm micro's website to see what they are up to HERE