Updated: Jun 4

For my Masters Degree final project I set myself the task of producing a cinematic documentary, to try and ascertain the effects that cinematic imagery has on truth / realism.

This was the result, a documentary that tries to tackle the subject of free will versus determinism using running as a vehicle into the subject.

I shot the film on the GH5 in VLog at 1080p to utilise the Variable frame rate of 180fps. I was totally amazed at how this camera can produce truly outstanding images even in 8bit at 1080.

Colour grading was also a very smooth affair, The dynamic range afforded me by shooting in Vlog, combined with the panasonic colour science allowed me full creative freedom to take the images any way I wanted.

I chose to contrast an orange and blue colour palette with a green and orange colour palette to illustrate both side of my philosophical argument, moving between high contrast of tone and affinity of tone to control image intensity.

The colour grade isn't quite finished yet as I have had a few client projects to work on but in the meantime here is a taster of the work in progress.

I will definitely be using the GH5 more often, such a great little work horse!