I recently was approached by writer/director Will Nyerere to colour grade his surreal short film "Black Box".

The film is a twisted tale of sacrifice and desire, shot against a bleak moorland backdrop. The film was shot on the canon C300 mkii in 4K canon log. Will was very particular in his wishes for the final look, keeping greens in the shadows avoiding pinkish flesh tones and not allowing blacks to fall too deep.

This gave me a great head start on creating the look for the film, which I eventually decided on moving into a more vintage look, trying to emulate the look of fujifilm stock.

The C300 did throw me a few curveballs though, including what I have come to understand to be the "PURPLE GLITCH OF DEATH", which seems to be a common problem on the C300 mkii when shots are backlit, but instead of fighting the glitch I tried to incorporate it as a light leak/lens flare.

It was really nice to work on such a different short that was ambitious in its subject with stellar performances from Dean Andrews and Keeley Forsythe.

I will post a link as soon as the film is live for public viewing.