I am currently colour grading another project for Gravel and Sugar Productions. This time its a hard hitting documentary shot in Kenya, focussing on the care available for pregnant mothers.

The film was shot on the SONY Fs7 in Slog3, with minimal lighting and depicts some of the harsh realities of having children in Kenya.

I tried to ensure there was as much tonal contrast as possible in the piece to give it strength, without crushing the blacks. Interestingly there is also a reconstruction as part of the documentary so I allowed this to have a more traditional cinematic "film" feel to it.

I also worked with some new film emulation software to give the film a Kodak feel throughout, which allows for the warmth of the African backdrop to come out whilst still removing some of the haziness and keeping the blacks nice and strong.

The finished film will be shown on television both in the UK and oversees.