As Strange As Angels

So, things have been pretty hectic here of late. Lots of broadcast commercial have kept me pretty busy, but when I was approached to colour grade a sci-fi feature film by Matt Cannon of Planet X productions I was pretty excited.

The film is called "As Strange As Angels" and is a head bending story which takes place across multiple timelines and locations. Shot on the Arri Alexa by DP James Alexander Barnett it definitely punches above its weight visually.

We are currently on the second pass of the colour grade and I really feel that I have a solid workflow for feature films now (this being my third feature).

I also finally invested in a Mini panel control surface which has sped up my workflow by a huge margin and allows me much more fine control over the images. The brief was fairly loose but we have been working in both a supervised and non supervised way for three weeks and with a new edit from Greg Daniels about to drop we are hurtling towards the finish line.

I will have more information on this project in due course, but for a trailer and more info on the project head over to

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