Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Current Project is a gritty independent film called "Fixed". The film manages to create and hold tension in a confined space, reminiscent of the way Reservoir Dogs managed to do the same.

Directed by Jez Alsop and written by Ryan Davis, this film has been a real pleasure to work on. The cinematography from Gary Rogers is moody and inventive in its ability to inject tension into the images which in other hands may have fallen flat. The editor Mikolaj Kaczprzak, capitalises on this to compose sequences that have real tension.So I was working from a strong foundation.

Jez and I decided on a colour palette early on in the project, yellows and greens, against blues and oranges. He wasn't really in favour of teal and orange, so that sent me off on a journey to create a look that avoided teal and orange. What ended up happening was, I couldn't find a better look than teal and orange, so....I put forward a teal and orange suggestion, and we all pretty much liked it.

For the look to persuade Jez meant it was the way to continue.

A screener which is 60% finished from my perspective, but had to go out today, I have been assured that I will get a bit more time to polish, but I'm getting happier and happier with it as I work through.

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